Impress Your Friends

Impressing your friends may seem difficult but you can easily capture their attention with knowledge and easy-to-do party tricks. You shouldn’t have to feel the need to impress your friends. Improve yourself and your friends will validate you for your growth and perseverance.


Improving Yourself

  1. Learn facts. Whether you read books, attend conferences and workshops, or study specific trivia, the more you are able to talk about topics, the more impressive you will be to your friends. You may learn about random facts or specialize on topics that you’re passionate about like sports.
    • A random fact can be something like the king of hearts is the only king without a mustache in a deck of cards.
  2. Gain experience. Whether you gain experience for your career, gain culinary experience, a hobby or just life experience, personal growth is always admirable amongst friends. Updating your friends on what you’ve been up to or simply showing them pictures or examples is a great way to impress them.
    • For example, you could show off a new recipe you’ve learned or tell your parents about a promotion you’ve just received.
  3. Travel more. The world is so large that simply traveling to somewhere new always insights interest. Talk about future travel plans or past adventures. Show off souvenirs and share profound life experiences with friends.
    • Travelling can be quite costly so make sure to budget before leaving for a trip. Take the time to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  4. Get in shape. Changing your body can impress your friends especially if it is a drastic change. Set a goal to lose weight and get healthy. Talk to a healthcare and fitness professional to find out the best course of action on how to achieve your goals. Find exercise routines and diets that suit your schedule and lifestyle.
    • Don’t overdo it. Set realistic goals. There’s no point in jeopardizing your health just to impress your friends. You should be trying to get in shape for yourself.
  5. Learn a new language. Languages can be very challenging to learn. Find a tutor, visit a language center, download audio books, listen to podcasts, or download language apps to help you. Set a goal to learn a language and then plan a trip to the country as your reward.
  6. Learn an instrument. Not everyone is musical. Persevering through lessons and being able to play music will impress your friends. Watch tutorials at home and begin with a used instrument before investing in anything professional .
  7. Find a new hobby. Find something that you are passionate about and share it with your friends. Joy can be very infectious. Your friends don’t have to participate but they will be very impressed with how much you have learned and the new skills that you have picked up so fast.
    • Hobbies can include sewing, painting, running, etc
  8. Set goals. Let your friends know your goals and give yourself timelines. You can update them on your progress to your goal. The more challenging your goal, the more impressed your friends will be. However, don’t set a goal simply to impress your friends. A goal will be more rewarding if it is something personal for you.
    • You can set goals like losing weight, quitting smoking, going back to college, or restoring a car with your son.

Establishing a Broad Range of Knowledge

  1. Find common ground. Everyone has their own specific interests. Find a topic that both you and your friends are interested in and have a conversation. A broad topic like music is a great way to impart your knowledge and learn from shared musical tastes.
    • For example, find artists and songs that can bring you and your friends together. Discuss certain sounds and genres you enjoy and see if there is anything you guys have in common. Often times you can even discuss about pop artists and their impact on culture.[1]
  2. Don't be rude or offensive if you don’t agree with your friends. You‘re trying to use a shared interest to come together not go against each other. Learn from each other. For example, you can introduce each other to new sounds that you haven’t heard of yet. Be supportive and they will appreciate the effort you'll make.
  3. Travel as much as your budget and schedule allows. Your friends may not have the ability to travel as much as you do. They will be impressed by the fact that you’ve gained knowledge from all over the globe. You can also just travel outside of your state. Expanding your horizon allows you to bring a new experience to new things.
    • For example, you can attend concerts in Spain and compare it to your experience at home. Also, just the small experience of going to another airport or visiting a similar restaurant in another state can be impressive to friends unable to travel.[1]
  4. Become a certified expert. Whether you enter a career or make something a full time hobby, becoming the de facto expert amongst your friends can be impressive. For example, if you are a music DJ you will learn new and up-and-coming sounds to stay on top of your craft. Your new knowledge allows you to speak from a place of authority.
    • Keep informed of what’s new and what sounds great together. Give your friends the inside scoop of what the next great song will be.[1]
    • If you continue to gain knowledge in your chosen area of expertise, you may find opportunities to travel and become famous sharing your knowledge. This will further impress your friends as your reputation grows. You may even namedrop famous friends you meet in the industry. For example, if you are a music DJ, you may dj festivals, workshops, or concerts and meet famous artists or media moguls.[2] It’s okay if you’re friends aren’t familiar with the names you mention. They will be impressed that you have become a cog in the music industry. Don’t limit yourself to just meeting industry types. You may run into an actor or athlete at a concert. Introduce yourself and get a picture with them. It’s okay to be a fan.
  5. Avoid talking about something to death. You may need a wealth of knowledge to impress some friends. Telling the same stories or repeating the same facts may become obnoxious or annoying.
    • For example, if you’re talking about music, a song or artist may dominate the headlines for a period of time. There is no point in saying something that has been repeated incessantly. Stay ahead of the trends and don’t make the same observations that the rest of the world is making. For example, if a singer makes a lyp-syncing gaff at an award show it will be in the headlines for the next month. Talk about it the day after and leave it alone.[2]
  6. Avoid trying too hard. It will be obvious to your friends if you are trying too hard to impress them. They may view it as obnoxious. Just have fun and enjoy your friendship. Have normal conversations and act as the situation dictates.
    • For example, if you want to impress your friends with your dancing, just dance and don’t try to intentionally make a fool of yourself to get a cheap laugh. Having fun allows your friends to let go of their inhibitions and join you in the dance floor. There should be no judgement on the dancefloor. Being a wallflower is never cool. Impress your friends with how much you love music and how confident you are in letting yourself be free.[2]

Performing Easy Physics Party Tricks

  1. Challenge anyone to lift your hand from your head. Place one hand on your head with the palm down and elbow out to the side and bent. Keep your fingers locked and holding your head firmly. No one will be able to dislodge your hand from your head no matter how strong they are. You must remain still.[3]
    • You may ask them to use two hands or tell your friends that you will pass along your powers to someone else and get them to repeat the exercise.
    • You can even lift your entire body without removing your hand if you are lifted by your wrist and the force is pushed upwards toward your underarm.
  2. Get your friends to pull your hands apart. Bend both elbows and place both palms on your chest with your fingertips touching and forearms parallel to the ground. Challenge anyone to pull your hands apart by holding your wrist. Ask them to pull steadily and not to give a sudden jerk. It will be impossible to pull your arms apart.[3]
    • You may ask small children to follow your lead for greater effect. Or you may ask someone much larger than you to pull your wrist apart to show the wonder of the trick.
  3. Move two giant fists with one finger. Ask someone larger than you to place his fists together as hard as he can. Get him to place his fist one on top of the other and flex to show how firmly his position has been locked in. Ask him if he thinks you can move them apart, then, with one finger push them apart.[3]
    • Ask small children to push his fists apart with a single finger. You may also ask skeptics to hold their fists together and challenge you. Repeat the same procedure to move their fists apart with a single finger to prove them wrong.
  4. Get a group of friends to levitate someone. Get a large volunteer to sit in a chair. Get four volunteers to put their hands together, interlocking their fingers, keeping their index fingers together but pointed outwards in the shape of a gun. Have two volunteers put their pointed fingers under his arms and the other two volunteers under his knees. On the count of three get them to lift him. Your friend will appear to levitate despite his size or the strength of the four people.[3]
    • For added effect, ask the four people to try to lift him one by one or to try to lift him together and see how high they can lift him. Compare this first height to the levitation height after you teach them the proper technique. He will significantly be raised higher while they exert less effort.
  5. Defy gravity. Ask two people to lift you by your elbows. At first keep your arms loose from your shoulders down. The volunteers will find it extremely difficult to budge you. Next, keep your elbows pressed tightly to your side and your arms rigid against your body. They will find that lifting you is much easier with your elbows in and arms rigid.[3]
    • You can ask more people to try to lift you with your arms loose to prove how difficult it is to lift you up. Your friends will be impressed with how easy it is to lift you once your have your elbows in and arms rigid.
  6. Become the strongest person in the room. Stand facing a wall and push against it. Keep your arms and back straight. Flex your legs and ask volunteers to try to push you against the wall copying your stance. One by one, add another person to the back of the line to try to push you against the wall. No matter how many people push against you in that line, you won’t topple over.
    • The more people you add to the chain, the more impressive your feat will be. You may also get a child to push the wall and repeat the display.


  • Be yourself. Your friends will like you for who you are.
  • Show off your talents but be humble.
  • Avoid showing off over-excessively.


  • Be careful not to make anyone jealous. Be mindful that not everyone has the same resources to learn or experience the same things.
  • Don't make someone feel left out. Give everyone a chance to share and participate in the conversation.
  • Don’t be arrogant.

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