Organize a Pantry

Organizing home pantries has been one of the biggest trends this 2021. Several households started making various types including cabinets and walk-in pantries. Some renovated their old and boring traditional pantry- adding up more aesthetic shelves, bins, racks, and more! Others use some themed kitchen wallpapers to give it a vibrant look, making it a more pleasing and beautiful spot at home. One important thing in maintaining a clean and clutter-free pantry is knowing how to organize it- which seems easy but actually needs time, effort, and planning. It also needs full cooperation amongst all the people you are living within the house. Organizing your pantry on a day-to-day basis is the case you wouldn’t want to deal with!To help you get started, here are simple steps you can follow in organizing your own aesthetic pantry at home.


  1. Empty the entire pantry. Clean thoroughly the entire area of the pantry for a good start. Pull out all the stocks and throw away expired goods. Get all your cleaning essentials like disinfectants and other solutions to kill pantry insects and pests. Start with a clean space to make sure no food spillage in the pantry has been left unclean and to prepare it for fresher new food storage.
  2. Check Inventory. Look into your stock’s expiration dates. After pulling out all stocks from the pantry and tossing away all the expired products, it’s time to check the remaining shelf life of all the other stocks left. Take note of the goods with nearing expiration dates as they will have to be considered on the next step. Checking your inventory is also a great way to see what products you lack and need to restock again.
  3. Categorize stocks. Group your goods according to their use, kind, and expiration dates. By doing this, you know what products to put in the specific area in the pantry. Categorize your groceries in a way that is helpful to you. Separate cooking essentials to the snacking items and so on. By doing this, all your other essentials in a certain activity at home like cooking and baking are easy to find.
  4. Maximize storage space. Use containers and baskets or other bins that can better fit and organize inside the pantry shelves. Your goods and products have varying sizes and containers which may hinder you from maximizing the whole area of your shelves. Placing it inside clear plastic or glass canisters wouldn’t just help you save space but also give your pantry a more classy uniform look to admire.
  5. Label shelves and storage. Indicate your pantry zones such as cooking essentials, drinks, wines, snacks, etc. The way to keep things organized is to assign special spots in your pantry to a specific group of goods. It guides you and the rest of the family members where to place things back instead of just hovering over groceries and placing them wherever. Also, label your containers for the same reason.
  6. Add Shelf Liners. Install shelf liners in your own pantry storage. This is to avoid spillage and tripping of containers which could result in accidents. Materials can be rubber or wood linings- any of the two would be okay. Liners keep baskets, containers, and other products from slipping off the pantry shelves- especially to ones placed at the topmost area.