Draw a Snowflake

Want to add something special to a winter holiday card? Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to draw a pretty, decorative snowflake.


  1. Sketch out a hexagonal shape. This should have six even sides connected to one another as shown on the right. The size of your hexagon will vary depending on how big you want your snowflake, but if you're just practicing it should be as large as possible.
  2. Draw diagonals from each point. There will be three of these, going from each tip of the hexagon to the tip opposite it. Try to make them as straight/equal in length as possible, so that they meet in the middle.
  3. Draw a six-pointed star shape inside of the hexagon. You can do this simply by sketching triangles between every pair of lines--just try to keep your star's sections even.
  4. Sketch the shape of the snowflake over the previous lines. This is where you can be creative--use a variety of shapes and configurations, but for a more aesthetically pleasing look, keep your snowflake as symmetrical as possible. Follow the image above if you need help.
  5. Outline the shape of the snowflake. Use a steady hand to trace a neat line over your pencil marks, and once you've done that feel free to erase any extraneous lines so your snowflake looks cleaner.
  6. Add in color. Snowflakes, of course, are primarily white, but that just means they're more reflective of all the other colors, providing they're given the right kind of light. For a classic snowflake you should probably use blue or light purple, but don't be afraid to branch out and use your imagination!


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily rub out mistakes.

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