Have a Wholesome Christian Family

The family is the basic social unit around which everything in society revolves. As the family goes so goes society. If you destroy the family you will destroy civilization. A strong wholesome family is the strength of society.

Real Christians are citizens of Heaven living in a hostile world (Phil. 3:20; John 15:18-19). It is a blessing to be able to return home to those who love Christ. The home is where we find spiritual agreement and purpose. Here is where we build Christian character and teach sound doctrine within the privacy of the family unit. Here is where love begins, kindness is shown and loyalty is instilled. Our children should not be often absent from the home because they are at Jimmy's house or Mary's house. They should be taught to spend their spare time at their own home. We need to remember that "be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."


  1. Observe the characteristics of strong Grow As a Christian, wholesome families in different societies around the world. Instead of studying the dysfunctional family relationships, you may want to know: "What are some strengths of a healthy family?"
  2. Consider appropriate books: that you may find at such places as Christian bookstores and libraries on family and relationships. Research those families that had two characteristics:
    • Those marriages that are considered happy and
    • Those that consider themselves satisfied in their parent–child relationships.
  3. See what Dr Stinnet at The University of Nebraska found by doing exactly that and he discovered several common qualities in these marriages including:[1]
    • Be committed to the family social unit.
    • Spend quality time with your family.With our ever increasing busy schedules, it is easy to lose focus on spending quality time with our family and children. It is important to remember that even though our children are nearing adulthood, they still require parental involvement.
    • Communication breakdown has been cited as a major cause of parent teen conflict over the years. There are endless activities to share with a child. It is important to take advantage of quality time with your child. Take time to enjoy your family. They are never too young to start spending time with, in fact the younger the better the result will be.
  4. Be able to use good communication skills within the family to not avoid or overlook the views and desires of each other.
  5. Express appreciation for each family member.
  6. Apply good problem solving skills in the midst of a crisis.
  7. Have a commitment to a wholesome spiritual life.
  8. Pray for your family daily.We must pray for our families according to the will of God. We all need prayer. Prayer is extremely vital for our survival. God desires the best for us and for our families. Besides Sense and Communicate with Christ for guidance, direction, wisdom, peace, and safety, we must constantly pray that our love ones will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We must pray that our love ones have a relationship with the heavenly Father. Mother Teresa once said, "Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing Remain in God's Love While in Adolescence of himself." We must pray that our loved ones find and stay in the will of God!
  9. Understand that Christian families are definitely not perfect. Every day you will fight for God, and peace in your household. Let the Lord give you strength. It will eventually work out.


  • Discuss spiritual things in the . Let loving the Lord be a natural part of your daily life. Teach your children to love the Lord in everything they do, every day at mealtime, cook outs, back packing, picnics, going for a walk in the park or in the woods, fishing, etc. Let your conversation about spiritual things be spontaneous sharing.
  • Experience a growing love for God. This is our first responsibility. We cannot give to our children what we do not have ourselves. Children watch us and model after us and we cannot give them what we do not have. God must re-parent us. Set a priority in your personal life and in your home to love the Lord with all your person. Loving God will lead to obedience to Him.
  • Teach from your lifestyle. Only by example can we teach our children what real love is so as parents we need to show love and respect to our spouses in front of our family and others so our children will know what true love is and model after us.
  • Share a Christlike attitude, and so share compliments and blame in a family. Building a happy marriage & family has to do with sacrifice—personal sacrifice that involves sharing compliments and blame, realistically and appropriately
  • Seize any moments you can to teach. As you journey through life observe people and situations all about you and seize the teaching moment to share the difference Christ makes in your life. Teach your children about other peoples faith and culture. Teach them to respect and love all people. Our world would be a better place if we all did that.
  • Love the Lord God as a priority. 1 Cor.4-5
  • Dwell together in unity. When a family is united, it is a good and pleasant thing. Love is the bond that unites us, but we must learn how to restrain our own selfish desires from destroying that unity. Hard work and patience are at the top of the list. We must also exhibit a willingness to forgive, and we must be willing to submit to each other in love. Pride is the enemy of unity. Stubbornness is its sword, and anger is its wound. We must learn to put the care and benefit of others above our own concerns. When we do this, we will find our family life is "good and pleasant. Unity in Christ is like the dew falling on the mountains. The moisture nourished the vegetation and caused new growth. The plant life supported the animal life. The mountains were lush with God’s blessings. "When the love of unity dwells in a family, there will also be vibrant life. Children will discover a joy and meaning in life. Parents will feel fulfilled in whatever they are doing. The dew will fall over the family and nourish spiritual growth." This nurturing environment will cause emotional wholeness. It will affect our Understand and Interpret the Bible and help us to be more open to spiritual growth. Spurgeon comments, "From the loftier mountains of moisture appears to be wafted to the lesser hills... Where love reigns, God reigns... dwelling together in love we have begun the enjoyments of eternity."
  • Let your life be an open book to be read by all.
  • Teach children to honor their parents. Our parents are the most important people in our lives. What does honor mean? It means Respect. Love. Appreciate. Obey.

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