Make Cards for Valentine's Day

It's always good to give a card on Valentine's Day, but a homemade one is always better! Here are a few ideas to get started. Look to the bottom of the page for supplies you'll need.


Heart Card

  1. Cut a large red heart for the main part of the card.
  2. Cut one large white heart slightly smaller than the first.
  3. Fold a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise.
  4. Cut out half a heart shape freehand or use a heart template.
  5. Unfold both hearts and glue the white one inside the red one.
  6. Decorate the card any way you please.

Re-Use Card

  1. Get out a Valentine's Day card from last year, or Buy Vintage Holiday and Greeting Postcards, and cut around the shapes on the card.
  2. Glue it to some construction paper, leaving a border.
  3. Add to your design with some paint or fabric.

Collage Card

  1. Cut out Valentine's Day themed pictures (couples, hearts) and words (love, special, be mine) and pictures of you and your significant other, then glue them onto a heart-shaped piece of paper in a collage.
    • Use scraps of fabric for a mosaic/textile card.
    • Use clip art from the Internet or pages out of V-day themed colouring book.

Sample Valentine's Day Cards

Doc:Sweet Valentine's Day Cards,Romantic Valentine's Day Cards



  • Some stores sell a packet with everything you need to make your own Valentine's Day card. They often include red, white & pink paper for the card and stickers as well.
  • Try Make Shimmering Finger Paints, drawing, or free-handing your own card for a special, one-of-a-kind design!
  • Make sure you fill in the card. Don't just put 'Happy Valentine's Day! Sincerely, Name", unless your giving the card to someone you don't really know.
  • Put a "bit of you" into your card.


  • If you make the re-use card, don't give it to the same person who gave you the old card, unless they are cool with it or have done it before.
  • If you don't put a lot of effort into your card, people will think you are just trying to save money by making your own, so put some time and effort into it!

Things You'll Need

  • Homemade card kit
  • Heart Card: Construction paper, scissors, decorating supplies.
  • Re-Use Card: Glue, paint or fabric, construction paper, scissors, old Valentine's Day cards.
  • Collage Card: Valentine's Day themed pictures (from magazines, internet), glue.

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