Help an Unemployed Person

These days when unemployment is so rampant, anybody could be the next one who got the pink slip. If we are still holding a job, no matter how much we dislike or like it, we should be very grateful and try our best to keep it. When we have a neighbor or friend or ex-colleague who got chopped off we could at least do these things:


  1. Sympathize. We should sympathize but not overtly since we must respect other people's feeling or grieving
  2. If this is our close neighbor and the family is very close to us, we can offer to give them some baking or cooking once every so often
  3. Look at our human resource database to check whether there is any appropriate job opening matches his/her qualification, then forward it to him / her
  4. Encourage him / her to keep looking at different job databases and try to get interviews as many as possible
  5. During this upcoming Holiday Season is the perfect time to start hunting for retail job. No matter how small it is, tell him / her that this could be a good starting point
  6. If money is not a problem, encourage him / her to go back to school or try to acquire new skill
  7. If this person is pretty seasoned and has tremendous experiences, encourage him / her to start an entrepreneurial journal. Moreover if this person has other unique skills such as sport coaching, music, craft, flower arrangement, baking, cooking, writing, music, etc. they can start their self-employment journey such as: selling hand made items on, opening a children or baby daycare, opening a cupcake bakery, teaching piano or violin, etc.

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