Take Action to Reduce Unemployment

Every person has an innate concern to each other. Seeing unemployed individuals is definitely a concern in a community.


  1. Assess the community by observing the capacity to buy of the population.  Visit the market place.  Get the statistics of unemployment from the authority.
  2. List down the possible opportunities for the population.  Remember that employment should be given first to ages 18 and up.
  3. Organize the group.  Find out among members who has the capacity to handle and lead the group.
  4. Provide tools needed by asking available tools from each member of the group.  Make tools available in common location.  Keep records of tools and the owner.
  5. Advertise the skills of the group by giving flyers, calling cards.  Accept job orders, make written contracts, deliver orders according to signed agreement.


  • Organizer of employment should monitor activities and will remain as an adviser.


  • Organizer must set boundaries for himself / herself from the group to maintain solidarity of members.