Live With an Unemployable Person

Do you have a slack roommate who leaves you with all of the bill, mostly because he has no job, and spends all of his loose change on food or video games? Here is how to live with such a person.


  1. Encourage him. Encourage your roommate to get a job. Help him with his resume. Tell him that he could get lots of money one day.
  2. Pay him. Ask him to clean up. When he does a good job, give him money. Tell him that he has done a great job to give him some encouragement.
  3. Have a swear jar. Create a swear jar. This is a great thing to use when you usually do not have enough money to pay bills. Encourage him to start better habits.
  4. Sell, sell, sell. Have a yard sale. Tell your roommate that he needs to sell at least 6 things.
  5. Go with your roommate to get a bank account for him.
  6. Split the check. When going out to a restaurant, ask them to split the bill.