Rejoice at Being Sacked

So you've just been sacked? Why the long face? There are good sides to this horrible, daily act of the uncaring man or corporation. Here is how to get even by keeping your temper even too.


  1. Think of the good things. You are free to get an ever better job now. You can start looking tomorrow after a party tonight! You can start your own business even, or you can finally do all those things you said you would but never did because work was in the way.
  2. Throw a party. So the job sucked, or the sacking was a total surprise. At least party your way through the sorrow. You can think logistics tomorrow, tonight you can rejoice away the pain.
  3. Realize that even with very little money, there can be a way. So, your mortgage is crippling you? Maybe it's time to sell up and find better ways of living off less. That fancy sports car? Do you really need it? Wasn't it the repayments that tied you to the job?
  4. Go online and find people who are happy to be sacked. Not everyone falls into a heap of blues and self-piteous teeth gnashing. Some people get even by getting their annoyances out of their system and venting together. Just be careful not to mention names or links because new employers will be looking.
  5. Find supportive people. Avoid people who are only concerned about how your misery will impact them. Try to network with reliable people who can now help you find new jobs, contacts, or resources.
  6. Fix up your CV. While your job's still fresh in the mind, write down everything good you ever did there. Those good things are you and they are what you took from the job. Discard the bad, it's done with now. Take those good things and apply them to your working future.