Survive the Jobless Phase

Have you lost your job and are having a hard time to find a new one? This article shall help you find a new job quickly.


  1. Try to think Practically
    • Yes, you lost your job and undoubtedly you are going through a very tough phase of your life. But this is the time to think practically and not let your emotions take control of you
    • You shall have plenty of free time now and free time acts like a hive that breeds negativity
    • Remember that you have a long career ahead and only a positive mindset can help you get a new job quickly
  2. Try to not think about the negative things in the previous job that affect you
    • Yes, you have lost your job or have suffered and had to quit
    • Thinking about the reasons why you were fired or why you had to quit will only make you feel more bad
    • 'Past has Passed' and nothing can change it, it is best to live in the present and now it is time for you to get yourself in another career and make the best of your life.
    • To Think positively in such bad phase is not easy but remember that thinking positive shall help you manage your time and energy for a new job search and help you get another job quickly
  3. Be Patient
    • A jobless phase can last for quite some time
    • Try to mentally prepare yourself to carry out the next few days or months without a job
    • If you have a spouse and /or child, try talking to them and give them hopes that you will get a job soon
  4. Manage your time, and physical resources
    • Like I said, lets think practically. Ok now that you have lost your job, you do not earn the stipulated amount of income and shall not be earning that income for a period of time
    • Now as per your situation (If you have dependents or if you are single), try to gauge an option to live and save on expenses in best interest of your dependents (if none then yourself)
    • The next step shall help you in managing your living expenses
  5. Manage your expenses
    • If possible, try to move out to an apartment that has much cheaper rent
    • If you have less savings, try to find ways to save some money by selling stuff you don't need
  6. Part Time job
    • Since you have no income, a part time job like a job at the coffee shop shall always help you earning some money to carry out your living expenses
    • The key part here is to do a part time job that lets you have several free hours a day to let you scout and apply for jobs
  7. Build up your profile/ resume
    • you may be working in the past role for quite sometime and may not have paid attention to your resume and your LinkedIn profile
    • Now is the time for you to take a look at your profile, take some time and rebuild your profile, update it with all your past experiences and make it look attractive for the current role you are applying for
    • Getting professional guidance in building your resume is always helpful
  8. Connect, Socialize and Apply
    • Last but not least, keep applying for jobs that seem to be to your interest
    • Be on the lookout for social events like job fairs etc, its an excellent opportunity to connect to companies that are looking to hire
    • Try Meetup groups to find events that allow meeting of working professional (There may not be a meetup group for jobless folks trying to find jobs but you may have to find your way out in reaching out to groups that allow meetings of working professionals), here you have a great chance in connecting to folks that work for organizations of your interest, talk to them and pass them your resume
  9. Keep Trying and try harder each day!
    • Be positive, keep trying, keep applying, meeting folks, give as many interviews as possible and very soon you shall land yourself an awesome job that suites you best. Good Luck!


  • Remember that having the right mindset is the key to win any situation
  • Trust yourself and have faith in yourself
  • Just keep on trying for new jobs, give interviews and do not lose hopes.
  • Take care of yourself and your family by assuring them that things will get back to normal and that you are trying your best to get yourself a new job


  • If you feel too low or too negative because you lost your job, it is always recommended to consult a psychologist who shall help you by providing counsellin/ therapy