Take Care of a Jobless Person

So it is a normal casual weekend until your best friend or relative calls up saying that they've been fired from their job and that they need a place to stay. You are excited, since you haven't seen them for so long! But you also are probably worried as well because you don't know what is going to happen. Well this can help.


  1. When the person enters your home for the first time, be kind and respectful. This will give the person hope that they can find another job somewhere.
  2. Give the person a suggestion of some useful jobs. You can help the person select of look for jobs, be careful though, if the person is staying with you more than a month and isn't looking for jobs, than they may be staying at your home because they are getting a free ride. Do not force them to do a certain job.
    • There are a ton of job ads in the newspaper. However before you get the person into a job in the newspaper, check to see if there is a number to call or address to prove the ad isn't a scam.
    • Try to get the person's old job back. Try to call the company that fired the person, but like all things, there was probably a reason why the person was fired at their job. Do not be surprised if their job says no.
  3. Boost the person's self-worth. The person probably came to your house because they didn't feel confident with themselves. Try to find ways to improve their confidence so they can get a job.


  • Recommend that the person seeks therapy. The person may be not looking for work because they have mental issues or anger issues that must be addressed before any job looking.
  • The Internet also offers jobs online, but be careful, it could be a scam.


  • If you believe the person is freeloading, than you must tell the person that you are there to help the person get a job, not be freeloaded on.
  • Be wary of scams on the newspaper and the Internet.

Things You'll Need

  • Job ads

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