Make Money in a Difficult Job Market

When the economy takes a nose dive, there is a lot of competition for new-hires and companies through loyalty out the door. The reason for the shortage of jobs, is a lack of pre-bust demand. With a little creativity and enthusiasm, you can take advantage of the downturn and give yourself an upswing.


  1. Invest in yourself. If you just lost your job and especially if you have been out of the job market for awhile, You are probably depressed. You may feel as if there is nothing you can do, but that idea is just flat out wrong. You have to eliminate your self-defeating attitude. Remember how happy you thought you were when you were at your last job? That was an ideal, and that ideal is what we're going to build from.
  2. Write down everything. If you are serious about making money, start writing down things that you WANT to do. A word processing software or a piece of paper might be to your taste; save often; do not toss away any ideas. Keep a file of all your ideas. Make it easily accessible and keep it for the rest of your life. Take this time to reflect on any ideas you might have had at any point in your life.
  3. Talk to others. Bounce ideas off of them and make sure that they share with you. Talk to artists, accountants, small businessmen, police officers, drug addicts, homeless people, whoever and whenever you choose. Write the date and name of the person who told you their idea. Get their phone number and write down everything you know about them; take their picture. The goal is to do; not to steal. Take down any idea, nothing is stupid if it hasn't been tried. Make anyone who shares an acquaintance, if not a friend.
  4. Analyze. How much money do you have? How much money can you get? How will you manage your enterprise? You have so many ideas now; They keep coming. Would it be possible to combine an idea with another? Would it be possible to split an idea into another? Perhaps you should start with a smaller idea that that will allow you to build up capital to complete a larger goal.
  5. Research. Go to your local library, find all the information you can that will make starting your business easier. Find how to present your business coherently and how to explain your course of action. Find how to write a business plan. Talk to several banks, make friends, find out how business loans work and what they look for. Contact your local chamber of commerce and retrieve data that will help you to determine your target market. Visit a city planning office to find information on traffic patterns etc. Contact the Small Business Administration, see if they can help. If you lost your job, you are low-income and qualify for low-interest loans and maybe a grant! Other beneficial labels that improve your chances at government assistance include: if your business caters to low income neighborhoods; if it helps the environment; If you are a woman, minority, or veteran; etc.
  6. Go get your loan or grant and any business licenses and/or permits you require. You did all the effort to make this happen. Call friends you made while collecting ideas, if you have taken any effort to know them, you will know their strengths and weaknesses. They are your most loyal and reliable comrades. They are thinkers; help them and show them your success. You will inspire them and make money as a team.


  • Keep an open mind; things may change in an instant.
  • Immediate family members can be good confidantes.
  • Learn to talk to people and to listen.
  • Invest in a new unique wardrobe.


  • Keep your most fundamental ideas to yourself. Do not tell one person everything.
  • Do not be greedy.
  • Do not lose contact with friends, and do not cease to make new ones.

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